This area contains my teaching philosophy, Vita, dissertation summary, research agenda, as well as current and past research projects.

Teaching and Research Documents

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Selected Projects and Scholarly Presentations


  • "Participatory Civic Engagement: Theory, Research, and Pedagogy in Social Justice and College-Community Relationships." Presetnation from the 2013 Commitment To Justice in Jesuit Higher Education Conference.
  • “Mixed-Methods Usability Research as Design Model and Teaching Tool.” Presentation from the 2013 CCCC..


  • “Participatory Civic Engagement: Usability Research Methods as a Model for Connected Knowing.” Presentation from the 2012 International Association for Research in Service-Learning and Community Engagement Conference.
  • “Participatory Civic Engagement: Usability Research as a Methodology for Building College-Community Relationships.” Presentation from the 2012 CCCC.


  • “Writing with Number Crunchers: Building Academic-Industry Collaboration with Accounting Firms.” Presentation from the 2011 Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication.
  • “Iso-what?: Epistemology, Taxonomy, and Performance in Isocrates and Civic Engagement.” Presentation from the 2011 CCCC.


  • “Harbors and Seas: The Both/And of Writing Center Work.” Keynote Address from the 2010 International Writing Center Association-National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing Conference.
  • Dissertation Project: Community Writing and Education Station - CWEST.
  • "The Usability of Content Management Systems: Expanding Concepts of Users and Sustainable Knowledge Work." Presentation from the 2010 Computers and Writing Conference with Elizabeth Angeli and Jeffrey Bacha.
  • "Mixing Research and Engagement: Using Empirical Methods to Rethink, Revise, and Renew College-Community Connections." Presentation from the 2010 CCCC with Jaclyn Wells.
  • "College-Community Partnerships: Designing a Sustainable and Participatory Literacy Program." Presentation at the Research Network Forum from the 2010 CCCC.


  • "Engaging Community Networks: The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Initiative and Technical Communication Pedagogy." Presentation from the 2009 ATTW.
  • "Writing Centers as Bridges to Engagement: Strategies for Fostering College-Community Partnerships." Presentation at the IWCA Workshop from the 2009 CCCC with Jaclyn Wells.
  • "Growing Community Connections: Writing Center Engagement and Public Scholarship." Presentation from the 2009 ECWCA Conference with Jaclyn Wells.


  • "Whom Do You Serve?: Public Rhetorics as Process for College-Community Partnerships." Presentation from the 2008 invited lecture at Virginia Tech, "Professional Writers Live After VT."
  • "Community Writing and Education Station (CWEST): A Sustainable and Participatory Literacy Partnership with the Lafayette Adult Resource Academy (LARA)." Presentation from the 2008 CCCC with Jaclyn Wells.
  • "Accessing OWLs: Writing Center Usability Testing with Blind and Low-Vision Users" (OWL Usability Research G3, G4). Presentation from the 2008 CCCC with Dana Driscoll, Michael Salvo, and Morgan Sousa.
  • Purdue OWL Usability Project, 2008.
  • "Sustaining Writing Center Technologies Through User-Centered Design: Improving Websites and OWLs." Preconference Workshop from the 2008 CCCC with Tammy Conard-Salvo, Dana Driscoll, and Morgan Sousa.
  • "Praxis and the Purdue OWL: Putting the OWL to Work for Local Literacy and Engagement." Presentation from the 2008 ECWCA Conference.


  • "Redesigning an OWL: Usability Testing for Writing Centers." Presentation from the 2007 CCCC with Michael Salvo, Tammy Condard-Salvo, Dana Lynn Driscoll, Morgan Sousa.
  • "Bringing a Broad Base of Users into the Project: Web-based Remote Usability Testing of the Purdue OWL." Technology workshop at the Computer Connection from the 2007 CCCC with Michael Salvo, Tammy Conard-Salvo, Dana Driscoll, and Morgan Sousa.
  • "Using Stasis Theory to Foster Critical, Collaborative Citizenship." Presentation from the 2007 Language and Rhetoric of Citizenship Conference, University of Michigan.
  • Redesigning an OWL: Usability Testing for Writing Centers." From the Purdue University Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference with Michael Salvo, Tammy, Conard-Salvo, Dana Driscoll, Morgan Sousa, and Karl Stolley.


  • "Expert and Apprentice: Hybrid Identities for Graduate Students." Presentation from the 2006 Computers and Writing Conference.


  • "Fund Raising on the Internet for Non-Profit Organizations." Presentation from the 2001 Virginia Service-Learning Conference.

For a complete list of projects and publications, download my Vita in PDF.