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Richnor Springs | Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

Richnor Springs, Baltimore, MD

During the spring 2011 semester, a group of students from my WR220, Introduction to Rhetoric course worked with the Richnor Springs community to update information on the Richnor Springs Livebaltimore website and to develop a neighborhood assocation meeting flier. While the students' draft of the flier differed from the document's current appearance, student work helped create a piece of communication that directly influenced civic capacity. Neighborhood association meeting attendence has skyrocketed from a handfull of concerned citizens to a room full of people at Loyola's 5104 building on York Road.

Unique to this flier were some of the requirements: the flier had to be clear and sustainable - it had to survive wind, rain, etc., and be re-usable. Students thought that laminating the flier would address these needs. The current Richnor Springs flier is capable of surviving the elements, and community members can use dry-erase pens to update meeting information. This is a great example of user-centered and document life cycle design:

The Richnor Springs flier

Students from my fall 2011 WR325, Rhetoric of Professional Writing class worked with Richnor Springs to develop their own website and to collect narrative histories to help tell the story of the nieghborhood. Students from my spring 2012 WR387, Technical Writing class are conducting usability tests on the Richnor Springs website using traditional time on task, mouse click, and survey methods, as well as using the EyeGuide eye tracking system. At the same time, students from my WR220, Introduction to Rhetoric class are helping Richnor Springs develop their first newsletter.

Visit the Richnor Springs website.

The Richnor Springs Neighborhood Assocation meets the third Tuesday of every month in the 5104 Building on York Road, Baltimore, Maryland.

Read more about the Richnor Springs project in the October 2011 issue of the Loyola College Newsletter.

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Baltimore, MD

In fall 2011, a group from my WR325, Rhetoric of Professional Writing course worked closely with Cristo Rey Jesuit High School to tutor their students in writing. In addition to this wonderful service, the students created a tutoring handbook as a deliverable to help future writing tutors at Cristo Rey.

View the Cristo Rey Tutor Handbook in PDF.