WR100 :: Effective Writing, Fall 2010

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Unit 1 - Week 1 :: Project 1 Assignment Sheet

9/7 :: Course intro.; review syllabus; writing genres

9/9 :: Re-read syllabus, Project 1 assignment sheet; look ahead to Writing Today pages 167-193; read "The Watcher at the Gate" and Canons of Rhetoric; purchase A Writer's Reference, Loyola Edition and Writing Today (ISBN-10: 020561744-1) from Loyola bookstore or Half.com; in-class writing (I will provide the prompt); set up an account on Blogger.com (use course blog link above) and respond to the first prompt: Blog 1 due by midnight

Week 2

9/14 :: Read Writing Today chapters 1 and 2; Journal 1: begin the "Write This" assignment on page 11 (Genre Description)

9/16 :: Read Writing Today chapter 3, pages 167-193 and 423-430; read Rhetorical Strategies for Persuasion from the Purdue OWL for ethos, pathos, and logos; read Aristotle's Proofs; read A Writer's Reference Introduction (message from the President, LU1a, LU2); Reading quiz 1

Week 3

9/21 :: Journal 1: Genre Description due; read Logic in Argumentative Writing and Body Paragraphs from the Purdue OWL to get an idea of induction, deduction, and fallacies; read Induction and Deduction and Identifying Induction and Deduction

9/23 :: Project 1 outline due; read Writing Today pages 431-432; review Identifying Fallacies 1 and Identifying Fallacies 2; sign up for your Project 1 meeting with me for next week

Week 4

9/28 :: Read Writing Today pages 392-410 and the Fallacies Taxonomy; read the Declaration of Independence; read Aristotle's introduction and the excerpt from his On Rhetoric (from the beginning to "...in ceremonial, and lastly in legal, oratory."); Blog 2 due by midnight; here are the Basic Rhetorical Analysis and the Complex Rhetorical Analysis (what you need to do for Project 1) maps.

9/30 :: Read Writing Today pages 477-490 and either the MLA or APA section depending on which citation style you're using; read the Punctuation Pattern Sheet and the Big Seven Grammar and Mechanics handouts (PDFs in the Course Resources section above); bring your Project 1 rough drafts to class for the writing workshop; MLA/APA quiz

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Unit 2 - Week 5 :: Project 2 Assignment Sheet

10/5 :: Project 1 is due; re-read the Project 2 Assignment Sheet; read Writing Today pages 450-459; look ahead to sample exploratory essays written by other students on the Writing for Change page; review the Exploratory Research Map

10/7 :: Meet in LND Library (I will take attendance); read Writing Today pages 460-476; read Evaluating Sources, Requirements for Exploratory Writing Log and Annotated Bibliography, and the sample Research Log

Week 6

10/12 :: Meet in the LND Library (I will take attendance); review Writing Today pages 477-490; read Observations, Interviews, and Surveys; bring project ideas

10/14 :: Read Stasis Theory and Stasis Methdology; print out and bring to class the Stasis Worksheet; read "Service-Learning as a Path to Virtue"; Reading quiz 2

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Unit 3 - Week 7 :: Project 3 Assignment Sheet

10/19 :: Re-read Project 3 Assignment Sheet; in-class research day; Blog 3 due by midnight

10/21 :: Project 2 outline due; read Writing Today pages 210-211; in-class research day

Week 8

10/26 :: In-class work day; in-class proofing exercise

10/28 :: Bring your Project 2 rough drafts to class for the writing workshop

Week 9

11/2 :: Bring your project 2 rough drafts to class for writing workshop 2; in-class work day

11/4 :: Project 2 due; revisions of Project 1 due

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Week 10 :: Project 4 Assignment Sheet

11/9 :: Bring your Project 3 rough drafts to class for the writing workshop; re-read Project 4 Assignment sheet; read Writing Today pages 766-778, Journal 2: begin the "A Few Ideas for Composing a Report" on page 796, number 2 (Write a Summary of a Report)

11/11 :: Project 3 due; read Problem-Solution reports from the Writing for Change page; review the Purdue OWL's HATS presentation

Week 11

11/16 :: Read Writing Today pages 747-754; read Information Design handout; Blog 4 due by midnight; review LND Research Handout

11/18 :: Journal 2 is due; read Writing Today pages 247-270; Reading quiz 3; review Essay to Report PowerPoint presentation; read Empirical Research Map and the Empirical Research Methodology handout

Week 12

11/23 :: Reading quiz 4; read Writing Today pages 286-307; read A Writer's Reference D1 Introduction to Writing in the Disciplines and whichever section is most closely related to your semester project/discipline; read Creating Just Language handout from the CCSJ

11/25 :: No class - Thanksgiving Break

Week 13

11/30 :: Review the Purdue OWL's Visual Rhetoric resources; and these OWL Flash movies are fun; review the Visual Literacy presentation; make an appointment with me for individual conferences next week; in-class flier activity

12/2 :: Read Writing Today chapter 17; revisions of Project 2 due

Weeks 14 and 15

12/7 :: Reading quiz 5; bring what you have of Project 4 rough drafts for writing workshop

12/9 :: Bring completed Project 4 rough drafts for writing workshop 2 (worth 4 points)

12/16 :: Blog 5 due by midnight

12/18 :: Final Exam at 1 pm - bring your Project 4 final drafts with your portfolios

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