WR220 :: Introduction to Rhetoric, Spring 2011

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Please read ahead over weekends

Unit 1 - Week 1 :: Project 1 Assignment Sheet

1/19 :: Course intro.; review syllabus and Perseus site; what is rhetoric?

Week 2

1/24 :: Read The Rhetorical Tradition Introduction to Classical Rhetoric; review Greek Timeline; purchase Having Your Say and The Essential Guide to Rhetoric from the Loyola bookstore or Half.com; in-class writing on readings (I will provide the prompt in class); download, answer, and bring to class the study questions

1/26 :: Read the Isocrates introduction, and the excerpt from his Antidosis (from beginning to "...in error as to a course of action."); visit Blogger.com (use course blog link above) and respond to the first prompt: Blog 1 due by midnight; study questions

Week 3

1/31 :: Read the Aristotle introduction and the excerpt from his On Rhetoric (from the beginning to "...The epideictic kind has for its subject praise or blame."); study questions

2/2 :: Read the Cicero introduction and the exerpt from his The Orator from "Which, my Brutus, would be the most difficult talk...” to “...a faulty or a distasteful expression." read The Essential Guide chapter 1; Reading quiz 1; study questions

Week 4

2/7 :: Read Dubinsky's "Service-Learning as a Path to Virtue" and Katz's "The Ethic of Expediency;" study questions; begin your grid and bring your outline for Project 1

2/9 :: Bring rough draft of Project 1 for the writing workshop; read Having Your Say 1-11; Blog 2 due by midnight

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Unit 2 - Week 5 :: Project 2 Assignment Sheet (Service-Learning/Client Option)

2/14 :: Bring rough draft of Project 1 for the second writing workshop; read Having Your Say 15-30; York Road Project group(s): begin reading SNAP Plan; Writing Department website group: begin reading the Needs Assessment report and Survey

2/16 :: Project 1 due; read Aristotle's Proofs, The Essential Guide 35-40, Having Your Say 66-86 - do the Recognize/Evaluate exercises A and B; Reading quiz 2

Week 6

2/21 :: Read Induction and Deduction, Identifying Induction and Deduction, and the Declaration of Independence; review Basic Rhetorical Analysis, and the Complex Rhetorical Analysis (what you need to do for Project 2) maps

2/23 :: Read Having Your Say 31-42; print out and bring to class the Stasis Worksheet

Week 7

2/28 :: Read Having Your Say 43-65 - do the Recognize/Evaluate exercises A and B

3/2 :: Read The Essential Guide 47-50, Identifying Fallacies 1, Identifying Fallacies 2, and the Fallacies Taxonomy; read op-eds from Baltimore Sun and The Greyhound

Week 8

3/7 :: No class - spring break

3/9 :: No class - spring break

Week 9

3/14 :: Bring rough draft for writing workshop; please sign the attendance sheet; download, print, and bring to class either the service-learning/client checklist or the rhetorical analysis checklist

3/16 :: Meet in Loyola Notre Dame Library; please sign the attendance sheet

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Unit Three - Week 10 :: Project 3 Assignment Sheet

3/21 :: Project 2 due; Service/Client Proposals due; read Essential Guide 11-23; read "Don't Forget the Wabash" and "Breaking the Language Gap" from the Writing for Change page (link in left hand nav bar); review Big Seven Grammar and Mechanics rules (top of page)

3/23 :: Grammar and Mechanics Test; read Having Your Say 199-212 and "Who Are We?"; review the Observations, Interviews, and Surveys, the Empirical Research Map, and the Empirical Research Methodology

Week 11

3/28 :: Reading quiz 3; read Having Your Say 213-235 and the Fish interview; review the Visual Literacy presentation

3/30 :: Read Having Your Say 257-274 and review the Purdue OWL's Visual Rhetoric resources; and these OWL Flash movies are fun!; read "Report: User-Centered Design and Purdue Employee Self Service" and "Methods of Restoring Paint Branch Creek" from the Writing for Change page

Week 12

4/4 :: Read Having Your Say 276-287 and Usability 101: Introduction to Usability

4/6 :: Read Having Your Say 290-307 and the Purdue OWL Usability Report's Abstract and Introduction (pgs. 4-7)

Week 13

4/11 :: Read Having Your Say 357-372 and Dubinsky's "The Land-Grant Way – Connected Knowing and the Call of Service"; group conferences

4/13 :: Reading quiz 4; read Having Your Say 373-392 and Brotzman's "Service Learning in Post-Katrina New Orleans – the Jesuit Way"; group conferences

Week 14

4/18 :: Read Having Your Say 416-422

4/20 :: Reading quiz 5; bring completed outlines and introductions of Project 3 for writing workshop

Week 15

4/25 :: No class - Easter break

4/27 :: Read Why Can't Students Write?; Bring first rough draft of Project 3 for writing workshop

Week 16

5/2 :: Last day of class; bring completed rough drafts of Project 3 and deliverables for writing workshop

5/13 :: Email me your Project 3 final drafts and deliverables as PDFs (or other appropriate media) by 1 pm on May 13

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