WR305 :: Writing for the Web, Fall 2012

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Unit 1 - Week 1 :: Project 1 Assignment Sheet

9/4 :: Course intro.; review syllabus and talk about writing for the web; read the Project 1 assignment sheet

9/6 :: Read Redish ch. 1, "Sorry, Young Man, You're Not the Most Important Demographic in Tech"; read the html tutorial: "Document Tags," "HTML," "Head," "Body," and "Title" (the contents list is in the gray box on the right; navigate using the links or the small green circles with the white arrows), and review the html code list; read the Dreamweaver tutorial; textbook check (please bring your textbook or you will be counted absent)

Week 2 :: Project 2 Assignment Sheet

9/11 :: Read the Project 2 assignment sheet, Redish ch. 2, the first Rhetorical Situations page and PowerPoint slides from the Purdue OWL, What is CSS? and review the Free CSS Templates site; for fun: sooo 1996 (what not to do with your portfolios)

9/13 :: Read the professional biographies excerpt from Johnson-Sheehan, today's Evening Edition; Personas from Usability.gov, and begin sketching out personas for your portfolio based on the characteristics from Redish ch. 2 (key phrases, experience, emotions, etc.)

Week 3

9/18 :: Read Redish ch. 3 and Smashing Magazine's pages on designing user-centered, effective web sites

9/20 :: Reading quiz 1; read the Purdue OWL's Paramedic Method and the Five Principles of Readability, the Flesch-Kincaid readbility measures, and read-able.com

Week 4

9/25 :: Read Redish ch. 10 and Nielson's "Writing Style for Print vs. Web"; Richnor Springs students: here are the reflection prompts

9/27 :: Read Center for Plain Language and the Purdue OWL's Effective Workplace Writing

Week 5 :: Project 3 Assignment Sheet

10/2 :: Read the Project 3 assignemnt sheet, Redish ch. 4, and Usability.gov's "Home" and "Basics" pages; review the Purdue OWL's resources on email etiquette and email etiquette for students

10/4 :: Read Redish ch. 5, the Introduction from the Purdue OWL Usability Report and skim the rest of the report; read the IRB page and the Informed Consent page at the bottom; remind me to provide you with the Computers and Composition article for next week!; here is a link to instructions for adding social media buttons to your websites

Week 6

10/9 :: Reading quiz 2; read Redish ch. 15, WR387 usability reports: Belles, Richnor Springs, and Usability.gov's "Methods" pages: Usability Testing, Individual Interviews, Surveys, and Task Analysis. These are your test documents. Please download them and prepare for testing on Thursday

10/11 :: Usability testing

Week 7

10/16 :: Usability tests continued; Richnor Springs students: attend the RSNA meeting tonight at 5:45 in the 5104 building on York Rd. (next to McDonalds)

10/18 :: Usability tests continued; read the handout on coding and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data

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Unit 2 - Week 8 :: Project 4 Assignment Sheet

10/23 :: Online portfolio draft 1, news summaries, professional biography due

10/25 :: Outline one of the WR387 usability reports and plan how you're going to compose your short report; read Redish ch. 6 and Interlude 1

Week 9 :: Project 5 Assignment Sheet

10/30 :: Campus closed for hurricane Sandy

11/1 :: Usability report due; read "Should I Become a Web Writer?" and "I'll Google It"; Richnor Springs students: read "Who Are We?" and the information on Richnor Springs from News and Events; read the Johnson-Sheehan excerpt on interviews and the Plain Language site from the Federal Government: Plain Language Guidelines, Planning a Plain Language Website, and Plain Language Website Examples; Richnor Springs students: begin reading the SNAP Plan and the Richnor Springs web site

Week 10

11/6 :: Reading quiz 3; read Redish ch. 7

11/7 :: 2:00 - 3:30 PM Fourth Floor Program Room: Dr. Janice (Ginny) Redish interactive session; for extra credit, attend and write up session and post to your portfolio. Contact Dr. Brizee about having lunch with Dr. Redish. For more information, see the event flyer in the News section of the Writing Department website

11/8 :: Bring in best example of your showcase genre you can find; read "Using Social Media to Promote Social Justice," Wikipedia's Kony 2012 page (please watch the Kony 2012 movie); try to answer: how do we avoid (or use) slacktivism?

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Unit 3 - Week 11

11/13 :: Writing showcase due; read Redish ch. 13 and the EyeGuide information; Richnor Springs students: read the Dubinsky article and the Brotzman article

11/15 :: Read Purdue OWL resources on visual literacy, HATS, and Why Eye Tracking Matters; FYI: search YouTube for EyeGuide videos

Week 12

11/20 :: Reading quiz 4; watch the "Eyetracking and Web site Design"; Richnor Springs students please watch Dubinsky's Hutton Lecture talk at Purdue University from fall 2010; in-class EyeGuide work day

11/22 :: No class - Thanksgiving break

Week 13

11/27 :: Interview due; read Johnson-Sheehan excerpt on presentations; use the presentation checklist and workplace attire handout to prepare; in-class EyeGuide work day

11/29 :: In-class EyeGuide work day; read Johnson-Sheehan on Ethics and complete this in-class assignment

Week 14

12/4 :: Read Redish ch. 14 and Tom Jewett's page on Section 508 and W3C compliance; in-class EyeGuide work day; Richnor Springs students: Reflection 1 is due

12/6 :: In-class EyeGuide work day; as you put the finishing touches on your portfolio, read Smashing Magazine's article on tone and the Wikipedia Redefined page, and the book review of Virtually You

Week 15

12/15 :: Final exam (five-minute portfolio presentation) - 9:00 AM in MD Hall 240; portfolio final draft due; Richnor Springs students: Reflection 2 is due

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