WR325 :: Rhetoric of Professional Writing, Fall 2010

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Unit 1 - Week 1 :: Project 1 Assignment Sheet

9/7 :: Course intro.; review syllabus; what is rhetoric?

9/9 :: Re-read syllabus, Project 1 assignment sheet; read The Rhetoric Tradition Introduction to Classical Rhetoric; review Greek Timeline; purchase Technical Communication: A Reader-Centered Approach by Paul V. Anderson from Loyola bookstore or Half.com; in-class writing (I will provide the prompt); set up an account on Blogger.com (use course blog link above) and respond to the first prompt: Blog 1 due by midnight

Week 2

9/14 :: Read the Isocrates introduction and the excerpts from his Against the Sophists (from beginning to "...also that these things are true.") and Antidosis (from beginning to "...in error as to a course of action."); read Dubinsky's "Becoming User-Centered, Reflective Practitioners," and answer these study questions to help us with class discussion; download and bring to class the Isocrates-Dubinsky grid.

9/16 :: Read the Plato introduction and the excerpt from his Gorgias (from beginning to "...for in our previous argument it was nowhere to be found."), Dubinsky's "Service-Learning as a Path to Virtue," and answer these study questions; review the Canons of Rhetoric and Aristotle's Proofs

Week 3

9/21 :: Read the Aristotle introduction and the excerpt from his On Rhetoric (from the beginning to "...in ceremonial, and lastly in legal, oratory."), Rutter's "History, Rhetoric, and Humanism," and answer these study questions; review Logic in Argumentative Writing and Body Paragraphs from the Purdue OWL to get an idea of induction, deduction, and fallacies; review Induction and Deduction and Identifying Induction and Deduction

9/23 :: Read Durack's "Gender, Technology, and the History of Technical Communication," Katz's "The Ethic of Expediency," and begin your grid; read the Purdue OWL fallacies page, Identifying Fallacies 1, and Identifying Fallacies 2

Week 4

9/28 :: Read the Fallacies Taxonomy, Ornatowski's "Educating Technical Communicators to Make Better Decisions," Kramer and Bernhardt's "Teaching Text Design" and continue gridding; Compare-Contrast Rhetorics handout; reading test

9/30 :: Read Parrott's "I'll Google it!" and Dubinsky's "The Land-Grant Way" and continue gridding; bring your Project 1 outline to class

Week 5

10/5 :: Organization and revision; bring your rough drafts for the workshop

10/7 :: Bring your rough drafts for the workshop

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Unit 2 - Week 6 :: Project 2 Assignment Sheet

10/12 :: Project 1 is due; re-read the Project 2 Assignment Sheet; read Tech. Comm. pages 4-24; review Author-Centered Cover Letter and Résumé; review Reader-Centered Cover Letter and Résumé

10/14 :: Read Tech. Comm. pages 25-63; read Nick's Letter and the Purdue OWL's Audience Analysis resource; review cover letter and résumé checklists

Week 7

10/19 :: Bring your cover letter and résumé rough drafts to the workshop; Blog 2 is due by midnight

10/21 :: Project 2 is due

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Unit Three - Week 8 :: Project 3 Assignment Sheet

10/26 :: Meet in LND library; read Tech. Comm. Chapter 3; look ahead to sample problem-solution reports written by other students on the Writing for Change page; organize work teams

10/28 :: Read Tech. Comm. Chapter 18, the Observations, Interviews, and Surveys, the Empirical Research Map, and the Empirical Research Methodology handout; set up team meeting with me to discuss project

Week 9

11/2 :: Read Tech. Comm. Chapter 6 and Stasis Theory and Stasis Methdology; print out and bring to class the Stasis Worksheet; Blog 3 is due by midnight

11/4 :: Read Tech. Comm. Chapter 10 and Evaluating Sources

Week 10

11/9 :: Read Tech. Comm. Chapters 11 and 8; review the Visual Literacy presentation

11/11 :: Read Tech. Comm. Chapter 13 and pages 357-377; review the Purdue OWL's HATS presentation; Blog 4 is due by midnight

Week 11

11/16 :: Meet in LND computer lab downstairs; read Tech. Comm. Chapter 20; review LND Research Handout; revisions for Projects 1 and 2 are due

11/18 :: Meet in LND computer lab downstairs; class work day for team Websites; review the Purdue OWL's Visual Rhetoric resources; and these OWL Flash movies are fun!

Week 12

11/23 :: Reading test; read Tech. Comm. Chapter 16; class usability day for team Websites; read Creating Just Language handout from the CCSJ

11/25 :: No class - Thanksgiving Break

Week 13

11/30 :: Bring Project 3 outlines; read Tech. Comm. Chapters 22 and 23; set up team meeting with me

12/2 :: Read Tech. Comm. Chapter 25; Blog 5 (project reflection) is due by midnight

Weeks 14 and 15

12/7 :: Read Tech. Comm Chapter 19; team meetings and in-class work time

12/9 :: Project 3 presentations; bring Project 3 rough drafts and peer checklist for writing workshop

12/13 :: Final Exam; Project 3 is due at 1 pm with your course portfolio

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