WR387 :: Technical Writing, Spring 2013

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Project 1 :: Project 2 :: Project 3

Unit 1 - Technical Writing and the Reader-Centered Approach - Week 1 :: Project 1 Assignment Sheet

1/15 :: Course introduction; review syllabus; academic and technical writing; teamwork; Project 1

1/17 :: Bring your technical writer job ads; Richnor Springs students: choose team (no more than 3 people) and read the reflection prompts; read TCT chapters 1 and 3; read the Project 1 assignment sheet; book check

Week 2

1/22 :: Bring idea for client; read the Anderson section on client projects and TCT chapter 2 and the excerpt from Johnson-Sheehan's Writing Proposals; bring the rhetorical analysis of your technical writing job ad organization

1/24 :: Read TCT chapters 5 and 8 and this article on writing grant proposals for non-profs; Richnor Springs group: read "Who Are We?" and the information on Richnor Springs from News and Events

Week 3

1/29 :: Proposal memo due; read TCT chapters 13, 17, and the Purdue OWL's Paramedic Method; review the Grading Criteria handout at the top of this page

1/31 :: Bring completed reader and context analysis charts of your partner/client; read the Purdue OWL's Five Principles of Readability; read TCT chapter 11 and the excerpt from Heifferon's Writing in the Health Professions; Reference for job docs: Author-Centered Cover Letter and Résumé, Reader-Centered Cover Letter and Résumé, Nick's Letter, cover letter and résumé checklists

Week 4

2/5 :: Resume and cover letter due with job ad; bring the completed revised proposal that we started in class on 1/31; read TCT chapter 20, the Flesch-Kincaid readbility measures, and read-able.com

2/7 :: Reading test 1; Richnor Springs group: Reflection 1 due; in-class work time for proposals

Week 5

2/12 :: Bring your rough draft proposal for workshop 1

2/14 :: Bring your rough draft proposal for workshop 2

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Unit 2 - Technical Writing in the Workplace - Week 6 :: Project 2 Assignment Sheet

2/19 :: Job doc revisions due in envelope with three references and three writing samples; read TCT chapter 14; read the Johnson-Sheehan excerpt on interviews, the Lauer and Asher research handout and the Locke, Silverman, and Spirduso research handout, and the Project 2 assignment sheet

2/21 :: Project 1 due printed for class; read Miller and Durack

Week 7

2/26 :: Read Dubinsky and Ornatowski

2/28 :: Reading test 2; read Rutter, the Purdue OWL's resource on Medical Writing, and surf the AMWA website found in the course resources above

Week 8 - Spring break, no classes

Week 9

3/12 :: Grammar and mechanics test; read TCT chapters 4 and 10;

3/14 :: Read Katz and Kirsch; review creating your own organization's code of ethics, Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions; read WTOP news brief on Cheney and Waterboarding and enough of these memos to have a good idea of the U.S. Department of Justice's stance on waterboarding: U.S. Department of Justice Memo; homework complete this assignment

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Unit 3 - Readability and Usability - Week 10 :: Project 3 Assignment Sheet

3/19 :: Read TCT chapter 18 and EyeGuide information; FYI: search YouTube for EyeGuide videos

3/21 :: Read TCT chapter 19; EyeGuide practice day

Week 11

3/26 :: Reading test 4; re-read TCT chapter 20 and Purdue OWL Usability Report; here are your testing protocols; benchmarks; Richnor Springs group: read Simmons, Michele W., & Grabill Jeffrey. T. (2007). Toward a civic rhetoric for technologically and scientifically complex places: Invention, performance, and participation. College composition and communication, 58(3), 419-448. Use the article to help you with Reflection 2, due 4/4. Use the LND database to find article

3/28 :: Easter holiday, no class

Week 12

4/2 :: EyeGuide practice day and exercise (2 points extra credit); watch the "Eyetracking and Web site Design"

4/4 :: Project 2 rough draft due; Richnor Springs reflection 2 due; read the usability testing page and read the handout on coding and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data

Week 13

4/9 :: Project 2 due; EyeGuide practice day; read TCT chapter 7 and work on a set of instructions for something that your classmates can complete in the MD 240 lab

4/11 :: EyeGuide practice day; instructions work day

Week 14

4/16 :: EyeGuide practice and testing day (people who are done with their protocols can begin testing); instructions and job doc. readability report work day

4/18 :: Grant proposal revisions due; EyeGuide testing day - have your protocols ready to test your job documents; read TCT chapter 21; use the presentation checklist and workplace attire handout to prepare

Week 15

4/23 :: EyeGuide testing day; instructions due in class

4/25 :: Project 3 drafts due for worskhop; instructions day - we'll complete one set in class; Richnor Springs group: Reflection 3 due

4/26 :: Extra EyeGuide testing time: 9:25-10:40 in MD Hall 240

Week 16

Exam Day :: Project 3 due with presentation on 5/3 at 6:30 PM in MD Hall 240

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