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Unit One – Critical Reading and Rhetorical Analysis

Week 1

1/17 :: Course introduction; review syllabus

1/19 :: Read the syllabus and the Purdue OWL's email etiquette and send me a hello email following etiquette guidelines; read Project 1 assignment sheet linked below; read “The Watcher at the Gate“; in-class writing (I will provide the prompt)

Week 2 :: Project 1 Assignment Sheet

1/22 :: Syllabus quiz; read “The Long, Painful and Repetitive History of How Baltimore Became Baltimore“; read the Purdue OWL and Easy Writer citation resources (read only the one you’re going to use for Project 1): Chicago Manual StyleMLAAPA; read ahead for “The Case for Reparations;” it's long

1/24 :: Read sections I-IV of “The Case for Reparations

1/26 :: Read sections V-VIII of “The Case for Reparations

Week 3

1/29 :: Read sections IX and X “The Case for Reparations

1/31 :: Extra Credit Event: Loyola Rhetoric Society meeting - "Rhetoric of Social Media," writing seminar room, 6 PM, Maryland Hall 038

1/31 :: Read RRW ch. 1 pp. 3-10 and answer the questions with the green headings; read Body Paragraphs from the Purdue OWL to get an idea of essay organization

2/2 :: Read RRW ch. 1 pp. 10-32, answer questions and bring answers from one half of the ch. 1 questions (your choice) typed to class for submission – this is the process we will use for the rest of the term with chapters and questions from RRW; read writing genres and this spiffy graphic

Week 4

2/5 :: Outline for Project 1 due; read the CityLab article about redlining in Baltimore; and take a look at the Mapping Inequality resource – when you zoom in on Baltimore, be sure you select the small “i-circle” icon in the column on the right side of the page  read the information in the window that pops up when you select that icon

2/6 :: Extra Credit Event: Nick Licata's "Become a Citizen Activist and Change Your World" at 6 PM in McGuire Hall

2/7 :: Introduction paragraph for Project 1 due; in-class punctuation exercises from the Purdue OWL

2/9 :: Draft for Project 1 is due for workshop; read Project 2 assignment sheet linked below

Week 5 :: Project 2 Assignment Sheet

2/12 :: Project 1 is due; read RRW ch. 2 pp. 32-47; in-class citation work

2/14 :: Read RRW ch. 2 pp. 47-61 and answer questions; bring half ch. 2 questions typed to class for submission 

2/16 :: Watch the Pope’s address to the US congress (here is the complete text); read the Big Seven Handout in the Course Resources at the top of this page

Week 6

2/19 :: Read ch. 3 pp. 63-75 and answer questions 

2/21 :: Read RRW ch. 3 pp. 86-92 and answer questions; bring half ch. 3 questions typed to class for submission

2/22 :: Extra Credit Event: Mark Bowden ('73) lecture "Huê' 1968" at 6:30 PM in McGuire Hall

2/23 :: Read RRW ch. 6 pp. 146-156 and answer questions; you should have your Project 2 article selected by this point; read this article about fake news ; read what the Pope says about fake news; and read about what can happen with fake news is sponsored by hostile governments, read by online users who don't fact check, and then pass along the disinformation to others

Week 7

2/26 :: Read the Purdue OWL’s Paramedic Method and the Five Principles of Readability and read RRW ch. 6 pp. 158-166; bring half ch. 6 questions typed to class for submission; in-class mid-term exam study session

2/26 :: Extra Credit Event: Greg Howard, New York Times reporter at 6 PM in McManus Theater

2/28 :: Mid-term exam on course material covered up to this point

3/2 :: Class cancelled (mid-term grades due by 3:00 on – U = unsatisfactory, S = satisfactory)

Week 8

3/5 – 3/11 :: Spring break, no classes

Unit Two – Research and Presentation

Week 9

3/12 ::  Take a look at this media political spectrum and risk chart; read RRW ch in section 3 for the genre of your Project 2 article  – in-class exercise: determining the genre of argument for your article

3/14 :: Bring your outline and first paragraph for Project 2 to class

3/16 :: Class cancelled so you can work on Project 2 - please use this time already carved out of your schedule to actually work on Project 2 :) 

Week 10

3/19 ::  In-class logical fallacies practice

3/21 :: Campus closed for snow

3/23 :: Project rough draft is 2 due printed for paper workshop; more in-class fallacies practice

Week 11 :: Project 3 Assignment Sheet

3/26 :: Meet in the LND library; read the Project 3 assignment sheet linked below and all of RRW ch. 11; answer half of the questions; review the Exploratory Research Map and these: Empirical Research Map the Empirical Research Methodology, and Observations, Interviews, and Surveys  

3/28 :: Meet in the LND libraryProject 2 is due; read RRW ch. 12 pp. 265-270; choose whether you're going to do an information report on a local non-profit or a proposal on a local issue for project 3 and bring in two possible non-profs or issues to research

3/30 :: Easter break, no class

Week 12

4/2 :: Easter break, no class

4/4 ::  Read RRW ch. 12 pp. 271-284 and the introduction to the book Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher and the talk by Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.bring the answers from half of the RRW ch. 11 questions to class typed for submission

4/5 :: Extra Credit Event: Richard Ford reading at 5 PM in McManus Theater

4/6 :: Meet in front of LND library for our experiential research trip to GEDCO/CARES. This is a mandatory trip; read “Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding in Baltimore” and the GEDCO/CARES website 

Week 13

4/9 :: Bring half of the questions from ch. 12 to class for submission; bring in the name of your non-profit you're going to research for project 3 or the issue you're researching to address for project 3 - this is your deadline for choosing a non-profit or local issue; read excerpt from Blockbusting in Baltimore and read the Stasis Worksheet; read Stasis Theory, and Stasis Methodology 

4/11 :: Complete as much of your stasis worksheet as possible – type, print, and bring to class; read RRW ch. 13 pp. 285-294 and one Project 3 sample from the course website 

4/13 :: Bring your primary and secondary research questions to class; read RRW ch. 4 and answer questions; read this pizzagate article and its follow up

Week 14

4/16 :: Bring your Project 3 audience analysis to class; read the Purdue OWL’s Audience Analysis resource. Read RRW ch. 13 pp. 294-318; grammar and mechanics exam in-class practice session

4/18 :: Grammar and mechanics exam; read excerpt from Not in My Neighborhood; review the Baltimore Anchor Plan at the top of this page

4/20 :: Bring your Project 3 outline to class along with your work log and a draft of your annotated bibliography; read one Project 3 sample from the course website; also read “Who Are We?” and  Creating Just Language handout from the CCSJ

Week 15

4/23 :: Read this article on redlining's impact today, the Purdue OWL’s Visual Rhetoric resources, and the Visual Literacy Presentation

4/25 :: Project 3 rough draft is due; read the presentation checklist and the dress code infographic; speaking of dress code, read this article on fake news 

4/27 :: Project 3 presentations

Week 16

4/30 :: Last day of class; Project 3 presentations continued

5/7 :: Final exam @ 9 AM in MD 240. Project 3 and your revised project (if you choose to do one) are due on exam day. Meet at 8:45 AM in MD Hall 240. Attendance at your scheduled final exam time is required to pass this class. Please obtain university permission and let me know in advance if you need to reschedule your exam due to exam scheduling conflict.