Course Resources

Course Schedule

Week 1 :: Project 1 Assignment SheetService-Learning/Client Assignment Sheet

9/6 :: Course introduction; review syllabus and team projects; talk about website design and creation

9/8 :: Read the Project 1 assignment sheet and the service-learning/client assignment sheet in the course resources list above - decide if you want to do one of these projects; search the web for writing/professional portfolios of young people just out of college - bring in your results; read the Purdue OWL’s resources on email etiquette and email etiquette for students; send me a hello email following these guidelines

Week 2 :: Project 2 Assignment Sheet

9/11 :: Read Redish ch. 1, Pew Research Center report on web use; set up account with Squarespace; service-learning students: read “Who Are We?” and the information from the URLs listed on your checklist

9/13 :: Read the Project 2 assignment sheet, Redish ch. 2, the first Rhetorical Situations page and PowerPoint slides from the Purdue OWL; for fun: sooo 1996 (what not to do with your portfolios); textbook check (please bring your textbook); service-learning students: begin reading the SNAP Plan and the Baltimore Anchor Plan

9/15 :: Do some web research on how to write an effective short bio - bring in your findings for class discussion; read Personas from and begin sketching out personas for your portfolio based on the characteristics from Redish ch. 2 (key phrases, experience, emotions, etc.)

Week 3

9/18 :: Bring in your completed persona drafts; read Redish ch. 3 and Smashing Magazine’s pages on designing user-centered, effective web sites. In-class work: exchange persona drafts and review them with your peers following Redish's guidelines. Revise accordingly. When done, work on your website. 

9/20 :: Wireframe your website and bring that in to class; read the Purdue OWL’s Paramedic Method and the Five Principles of Readability; begin reading the Purdue OWL's journalism resource (should finish by 9/24); do some web research on short, effective hard news articles - bring in your findings for class discussion

9/22 :: Personas and wireframes due; read the page on making your Squarespace site more accessible; read the Flesch-Kincaid readability measures, and

Week 4

9/25 :: Read Redish ch. 10 and Nielson’s “Writing Style for Print vs. Web”; client students: begin your project; here is the help page that explains how you can start a blog using Squarespace

9/25 :: Extra credit event - Loyola Rhetoric Society meeting at 6 PM in the writing department lounge

9/27 :: Read Center for Plain Language and the Purdue OWL’s Effective Workplace Writing

9/29 :: Read an author-centered cover letter and résumé, a reader-centered cover letter and résuméNick’s letter; review cover letter and résumé checklists

Week 5 :: Project 3 Assignment Sheet

10/2 :: Read the Project 3 assignment sheet, Redish ch. 4, and’s “Home” and “Basics” pages

10/2 :: Extra credit event - Chris Mims, technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, will speak in KH009 at 3 PM. The extra credit assignment sheet is above in the Course Resources section

10/4 :: Read Redish ch. 5, the Introduction from the Purdue OWL Usability Report and skim the rest of the report; read the IRB page and the Informed Consent page at the bottom

10/6 :: Open day for in-class website work; you should have your basic website set up with draft news stories, bios, and job docs posted

Week 6

10/9 :: Read Redish ch. 15, past WR305 usability reports, and’s “Methods” pages: Usability Testing, Individual Interviews, Surveys, and Task Analysis

10/11 :: Download and read your test documents; prepare for testing on Friday

10/13 :: Usability testing; reflection 1 due for service-learning and client teams

Week 7

10/16 :: Usability testing continued

10/18 :: Reading quiz 1; read the handout on coding and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data; begin coding and analyzing your usability data

10/20 :: Class cancelled for fall break; mid-term grades available by 10/20 (S = satisfactory U = unsatisfactory)

Week 8 :: Project 4 Assignment Sheet

10/23 :: Read the Project 4 assignment sheet; continue coding and analyzing your usability data; read the Purdue OWL's “Writing Proposals and Technical Reports” resource

10/25 :: Meet in Digital Media and Adaptive Technology Lab in LND Library; read Tom Jewett’s page on Section 508 and W3C compliance;  finish coding and analyzing your usability data and begin your usability report

10/27 :: Guest lecturer

Week 9

10/30 :: Read Plain Writing Act of 2010write 250 words on connections you notice between the Plain Writing Act and issues of social justice (try to think of one example); review Dr. Redish’s presentation from her lecture at Loyola

11/1 :: Read “Should I Become a Web Writer?” and “I’ll Google It“; read the Johnson-Sheehan excerpt on interviews and the Plain Language site from the Federal Government: Plain Language Guidelines, Planning a Plain Language Website, and Plain Language Website Examples

11/3 :: Bring in draft of usability report

Week 10

11/6 :: Read Redish ch. 7

11/8 :: Guest lecturer

11/10 :: Usability report due

Week 11 :: Project 5 Assignment Sheet

11/13 :: Read the Project 5 assignment sheet; read Redish ch. 13; service-learning students: read the Dubinsky article and the Brotzman article

11/15 :: Read this watch review, this travel story, this how-to article, this article on the New York Times obituary, and this op-edBring in examples of the two writing showcase genres you're going to compose; grammar and mechanics test preparation

11/16 :: Extra credit event - the writing department's Modern Masters Reading Series presents Khaled Mattawa poetry reading at 6 PM in McManus Theater. Remember to do the extra credit reflection outlined in the Course Resources section above and submit that within seven days

11/17 :: Read the Purdue OWL resources on visual literacy and HATS; reflection 2 due for service-learning and client teams 

Week 12

11/20 :: Grammar and mechanics test; read this article on how to write an op-ed; bring in examples of the two writing showcase genres you're going to compose

11/22 :: Class cancelled for Thanksgiving

11/24 :: Class cancelled for Thanksgiving

Week 13

11/27 :: Reading quiz 2; read the Purdue OWL's resources on composing effective PowerPoint presentations

11/29 :: Bring in drafts of your writing showcase articles to workshop

12/1 :: In-class work day for websites

Week 14

12/4 :: Read Redish ch. 14 and watch this video as you revise your portfolio for the end of the semester

12/6 :: As you put the finishing touches on your portfolio, read Smashing Magazine’s article on tone and the Wikipedia Redefined pagean article on short-form writing, and the book review of Virtually You

12/8 :: In-class work day for presentations, websites, and draft writing department pages

Week 15

12/11 :: Last day of class

Week 16

12/20 :: Final exam (presentations) – 9:00 AM in MD240; portfolio final draft and revision due by exam time; reflection 3 due for service-learning and client teams